How to Pop-Kultur with … Birger Schmidt

Birger Schmidt
What a tournament! The battle calls of the Icelandic vikings, the crazy Irish fans and the almost endless penalty shootout between Germany and Italy. Well, okay, some people might not be thaaaat interested in the current European Championship but Birger Schmidt definitely isn’t part of that group of people. He is the head of the football film festival “11mm” as well as the founder of Lernort Stadion e.V. and a well-known figure and popular expert whenever you are taking about football. So, there’s no need to seperate pop and football and that’s why we asked Birger Schmidt for his Friday plans for Pop-Kultur 2016.

How am I looking forward to September 2nd and a whole lot of Pop-Kultur!

I’ll begin my tour in the Prachtwerk at the reading by Jens Balzer whom I deeply appreciate for his well-meaning tone and for gifting us with golden observations from the lowlands of Pop. Thereafter, the trip goes to Malcolm Middleton at the Heimathafen. I really liked the subtle electronics and the strumming charm of Arab Strap and I will enjoy ballads such as „of fuck all“.

21:20h: Huxleys Neue Welt, Incredible 35 years after the founding of the amazing Sonic Youth, Thurston Moore and his band will enter the stage. It’ll surely get loud when they’ll celebrate finest New York „Noise Rock“. And to be able to level with my music-crazy daughters, the day is ending in the Keller with Pins and Best Friends, yet unbeknownst to me. .

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