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Ryan Mahan (Algiers) & Josh Hall / 21:40 – 22:20

“Horror and noise in the reproduction of colonialist silence”

Horror motifs have long served to externalise a series of ideological repressions immanent to the neoliberal project: white victimhood, ecological catastrophe, and the erosion of the nuclear family, to name a few. While these works occasionally, as with George A. Romero’s »… of the Dead« series or John Carpenter’s »They Live«, offer insightful critiques of everything from structural racism to consumer capitalism, horror also induces a silencing impulse on many of the fundamental horrors of our times: capitalism and neo-colonialism. In this talk, Ryan Mahan, bass player of mind-bending band Algiers, and journalist Josh Hall will explore these operations within the genres attendant musical expressions, and ask the question: Can you name the sound of dispossession? You better listen up!

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Matthew Herbert

Matthew Herbert / 22.40 – 23.20

He debated, played a DJ-Set, performed with his band and held an educative workshop: at last years »Pop-Kultur«, Matthew Herbert delivered a 360-degree service. With someone such as Herbert, the story never stops, though. That’s why he returns in 2016 – after DJing with records made of vegetables and sugar – with a new album. But, of course, the record doesn’t come in a regular form: »The Music« isn’t published on a recording medium but as a neuronal tone-induction. Herbert wrote the album as a book, from which he is going to recite in an absolute premiere. It’s the eminently stimulating story about a structure of singular sounds that you have to put together in your head.

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