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Fai Baba & Domi Chansorn

Photo: Peter Hauser

Fai Baba / 19:00 – 19:40

The Baba wears a mustache – and it suits him well. Just like those fragile Post Rock-Pop-tracks that regularly display him tearing his lonely heart out of his own chest. Fabian Sigmund aka Fai Baba resides in Zürich and has named himself his personal guru. Enlightened as he his, he released one album after another since 2010. His fifth LP will be premiered in the Prachtwerk, supported by drummer Domi Chansorn. Brightly glowing heartache meets weird knowledge transfer.

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ANA ANA / 20:00 – 20:40

Back to front, she is two times A-N-A. Under the name of ANA ANA, Anastasia Schoeck is creating emotionally moving, electronically floating Pop music, that has her metaphorically stabbed with a plastic knife from time to time. O-U-C-H! Up to now, Schoeck released a couple of Singles and an EP on her own. Her music’s foundation is built on the piano and then realized via Cubase. This occasionally sounds like taken aback R&B and trip hop ballads. It’s not surprising, that Aaliyah and Massive Attack are among ANA ANA’s sources of inspiration.

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The Hidden Cameras

The Hidden Cameras (solo) / 21:00 – 22:00

As you may know, football players usually have a terrible taste in music, that ranges from Helene Fischer to Justin Bieber and that’s pretty much it. Okay, there are exceptions like Bayern Munch’s midfielder Xabi Alonso, who listens to My Bloody Valentine. And Mehmet Scholl, who had The Hidden Cameras play at his farewell game. Since then, THC’s Joel Gibb is known outside of the music expert scene. That is amazing for the great Pop dramas and hymns that the Canadian writes. He has published six albums up to now and is presenting his seventh live for the first ever time at Pop-Kultur. As always, you can expect no less than great sport, uhm, cinema, uhm, music!

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