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Miko / 19.00 – 19.40

Miko is the band of the artist Sonja Cvitkovic and the graphics designer Marine Drouan, both are musicians too of course. But the visual and the non-material have an audible influence on their music. Miko build musical rooms from piano loops that shift little by little and Electronic simulations that feel like manipulations. If you’re thinking of ambient now, your dead wrong. It’s rather acoustic stimulations that sharpen the senses. The EP »Gelée« not only melted on the tongue and in the ear but was also released on a printed USB-Card. Miko simply are thinking of everything.

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Stara Rzeka / 20.00 – 20.40

What happens when a metal- and hardcore eminence is inspired by Krautrock? In Poland, Jakub Ziołek is mostly known from his bands Alameda 3, Innercity Ensemble and Ed Wood. As Stara Rzeka, he is now going solo. He melts together drone metal, folk and the psychedelic German music of the 70’s. The meditative, enchanted sounds tell of the conflict between nature and Technology and lure the listeners deep into the woods. Ziołek’s second album, »Zamknęły się oczy ziemi (She closed the Eyes of the Earth)« was voted second best album of the year 2015 by the renowned magazine, »The Quietus«.

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Royal Comfort

Royal Comfort / 21.00 – 22.00

A country band from Berlin? This city simply has it all. Nine years ago, when the musician and DJ Jimmy Trash had just moved to Berlin, he met the young Oska Wald. Wald was just in the process to become the charismatically genial guitar-dandy that he is today, mainly for his band Chuckamuck. Under the name Royal Comfort, the duo went busking on the streets of the capital. Then the band turned out to be in the way of the respective careers of its protagonists. Now, accompanied by the drummer Big Daddy Muggleston, Royal Comfort dares to return to the streets and – for the first time ever – to a real music festival.