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Kathrin Weßling (Foto: Yelda Yilmaz), Tobias Bamborschke (Foto: Noel Richter), Andreas Müller (Foto: Radioeins)

Pop & Depression / 21:40 – 22:20

Depressions have fueled great Pop music – and in almost every case, they destroyed the befallen artist. Robert Johnson, Hank Williams, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Ian Curtis, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, Mark Oliver Everett… The list of greats that could tell you a thing or two about it and did so in their songs, is long. The black dog tortured them but has also inspired them to write down grippingly haunting stories. Then again, how can one put the dog on a leash? How do we view the musician as a patient and what stories are we actually talking about? This is what Tobias Bamborschke, singer, and lyricist of Berlin rock proto-pop Isolation Berlin, and author and journalist Kathrin Weßling (»Drüberleben«, »Morgen ist es vorbei«) talk about with radio host and editor Andreas Müller (Deutschlandradio Kultur/ radioeins).

Tobias Bamborschke: Isolation Berlin

Kathrin Weßling: Website

Andreas Müller: Deutschlandradio Kultur / Radioeins

Attention: This talk will be held in German.

Colin Newman

Foto: Owen Richards

Ronald Lippok

Foto: Christoph Voy

Let’s talk about Kraut! / 22.40 – 23.20

A Talk with Colin Newman & Wyndham Wallace & Ronald Lippok

Noel Gallagher of Oasis-fame loves Neu!, Herbert Grönemeyer works with Gang of Four: ever since the rise of first krautrock, then post-punk and electronic music, and later post-rock the UK’s and Germany’s music scenes intensely interacted with each other. Ideas from each country got avidly seized, amplified, and thrown back. In times of the ongoing Brexit discussions two participants of the British-German music exchange meet on our stage: Colin Newman and Ronald Lippok. As lyricist, singer and enormously bold guitar player in Wire Newman helped establish the band as one of the most aesthetically consequent and exciting groups of the late ‘70s. Furthermore he’s a member of Immersion, among other projects. Together with his brother Robert and under the moniker Ornament & Verbrechen Lippok was part of Wall-time East Berlin’s avant-garde underground. Later the Lippoks co-founded the game-changing post-rock outfit to rococo rot. Last but not least, Lippok, who first met Newman in the 90ies, is also one half of Tarwater. The talk will be hosted by British journalist Wyndham Wallace. After running the UK office of City Slang Records for eight years, Wallace relocated to Berlin in 2004 and has since been working for The Quietus, the Guardian, and the BBC.

Colin Newman Webseite / Colin Newman Facebook

Wyndham Wallace Website

Ronald Lippok Galerie