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The KVB / 19.00 – 19.40

Bedroom-solo-producer-project becomes duo-on-the-rise: the people behind The KVB are Nicholas Wood and Kat Day – the latter joined the project a little later. Since 2010, their founding year, they recorded and published about one album per year. »Rolling Stone« magazine readers, as well as Electro nerds, are united by the blend of shoegaze, Industrial, Krautrock and Electronica, that inevitably reminds you of some of the 80’s Indie achievements. Maybe that’s because the music sounds a little like a nightmare; like a somewhat threatening but still pleasant nightmare. The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anton Newcombe and Portishead/BEAK’s Geoff Barrow have already published The KVB’s records on their labels.

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Zola Jesus
Foto: Jeff Elstone

Zola Jesus / 20:00 – 21:00

For a few years now, Nika Roza Danilova has been showing us, that Industrial is able to mutate to danceable Dark-Pop without any kitsch. The woman with the powerful Opera voice and the philosophical education grew up in a deep forest. And for one of her fantastic five albums, she locked herself in alone at home. Then she dedicated a whole work to the great wide Taiga. »In the beginning, my music was the overcoming of my weaknesses, my fears, that controlled my life.« she once said. Danilova now sacrificially defends this new-found freedom with performances that push her to the limit.

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Thurston Moore Band

Thurston Moore Band / 21:20 – 22:40

His band Sonic Youth, with Kim Gordon and Lee Rainaldo among others, that not only shaped Kurt Cobain, would have turned 35 this year. Now, the pioneering group doesn’t exist anymore and Thurston More appears solo and in countless other projects. Even if it sounds funny: lucky for us! He can thus show his complete bandwidth between Noise, Rock, and Black Metal. And he can publish art books in his new place of residence as well as teach at the Naropa University, once founded by lyricists Allen Ginsberg and Anne Waldman. Music will, of course, stay Moore’s first love. His latest album »The Best Day« was celebrated by the critics. Now, the mighty guitar whisperer returns to Berlin.

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