How to Pop-Kultur with … Mirna Funk

Mirna Funk
Foto: Jessica Barthel

Everybody’s becoming a party animal for Pop-Kultur and prepares itself for the conquest of Neukölln’s nightlife. Author Mirna Funk is not exception to the rule. The East German-born lady is the latest participant in our “How to Pop-Kultur”-series and took care of Thursday, September the 1st. These are her recommendations.

I used to be a wild party girl, but nowadays no one gets me out of my apartment after 19:00 h. You’d have to shackle and kidnap me. But I’ll make an exception for Pop-Kultur. Well, I’ll begin early and quiet and end early and half-way loud. I’ll watch Mark Farrow and Scott King talking about graphics design at 17:40 h. I guess I’ll take my husband and our daughter. Thereafter, I’ll take in another talk on my own, cause talking is good for the brain. Fatima Al Qadiri shall tell me something about Kuwait. I’d like that. Or about art. Or about how you make art in Kuwait. That kinda stuff.

Because I usually go to bed at 21:00 h, my strength leaves me, but I’m going to watch A-WA. That’s simply a must. If I’m lucky, these Yemeni super girls from Israel play first. If not, I’ll stay until they come up, get a cab after the last chord is played and close my eyes on the way home.

Mirna Funk worked as a freelance journalist for »Neon«, »L’Officiel Germany« and »Süddeutsche Magazin«, as she writes about culture and life between Berlin and Tel Avid. Her debut novel “Winternähe” was released back in 2015 and awarded with the acclaimed Uwe-Johnson Prize for the best German debut. A film version is currently in the making. More information on her homepage. If you want to compile the plan of Mirna Funk or your own schedule for Pop-Kultur you can get 10 % off with the »Wahl-Abo« for Thursday.