Favourites by The KVB: An Exclusive Pop-Kultur Playlist


The diversity of our Pop-Kultur modules is something quite important for us. Let’s just take the evening of September the 2nd at Huxleys Neue Welt. The legendary Thurston Moore is coming over with his noisy guitar rock cosmos while Zola Jesus is about to take us to her dark synthetic world prior to Mr. Moore. And right at the beginning of the night The KVB take us even further beyond the twilight.

Nicholas Wood and Kat Day are definitely a productive musical couple. Ever since they joined forces back in 2010 they recorded and published about one album per year as they present you a magical 80s-infected mixture of shoegaze, Industrial, Krautrock and Electronica. The result sounds a little like a nightmare; like a somewhat threatening but still pleasant one and we can’t wait to experience this live at Pop-Kultur 2016.

For our Spotify-Account THE KVB have compiled an exclusive playlist of favourites form the ongoing year but also songs with a special connection to Berlin. The selection is quite sinister, of course. Well, we’re not really surprised.

THE KVB perform live at September the 2nd at Huxleys Neue Welt. You can purchase tickets for the show right here. If you buy three or more modules for Pop-Kultur you can get a discount of 10 %. Just click at »Wahl-Abo« in the shop and you are good to go.