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Liars Foto: Scott Winter

Liars  & Jeremy Phillips / 18.30 – 19.20

It was the year 2004 that saw Liars record their third and later critically acclaimed album »Drum’s Not Dead« in Berlin. Ever since the band has had a very special relationship with our city, which member Aaron Hemphill even resides in nowadays. Hence they picked it as the place-to-be for the grande premiere of the their first ever soundtrack for the movie »1/1«, which marks writer Jeremy Phillips’ debut as a director. In this talk prior to both, this movie’s and its soundtrack’s world premieres (the latter taking place at Pop-Kultur on the following day), Phillips, Hemphill and Angus Andrew will discuss the idea behind this work and the relation of film and music in general. Everyone who knows the intensity and variability of the latter within the Liars oeuvre should be excited by now already.

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1/1 | Film / 19:20-20:40

Lissa is 20 and lives in rural Pennsylvania, USA. And Lissa is sick of this life, routinely trying to find a bit of distraction in sex and drugs. But when her father dies the young woman recognizes she has hit rock bottom. Before regaining love and hope she still has to come to terms with her mother, though. »1/1« marks the feature film debut of director Jeremy Phillips for which infamous band Liars also recorded the official soundtrack. Following this very special world premiere of »1/1« the respective music will be presented live for the very first time the following day at Pop-Kultur.