31.08.16 / 19.00 - 23.00 / /
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Roosevelt / 19.10 – 20.10

What German musician has as many sunny pop-hymns up his sleeve as Marius Lauber does? The Cologne-based artist used to be the drummer of Beat!Beat!Beat! Since he is making music on his own under the alias of Roosevelt, he expanded his audience to a global scale. Lauber already played shows in the USA as well as Eastern Europe. He was the first German artist on the British label Greco-Roman, co-managed by Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard, despite having stood up the label manager who made the trip to the Rhine. After releasing a few Dance-Pop pearls as singles, Lauber temporarily moved to Berlin to record his most demanding recordings so far. In the meantime, he found a new musical home at CitySlang and will present the latest fruits of this cooperation – no less than his debut album – at our festival.

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Brandt Brauer Frick

Brandt Brauer Frick / 20.30 – 21.30

EDM? You probably are aware of it. But you probably don’t like it, this stadium-glitter-finger in the air-electro type of music. And EBM? Wait a minute. What is EBM supposed to be? »Emotional Body Music« – at least that’s what BBF call it. Wait, who? Brandt Bauer Frick. The trio managed to make a name for itself by producing Electronica and Techno with mostly only analogue instruments – while bringing it to the stage with compelling intensity. Anti-EDM, basically. Daniel Brandt, Jan Bauer, and Paul Frick have already cooperated with Jamie Lidell and Nina Kravitz as well as with a whole classical ensemble. Further, they created an entry for the famous DJ-Kicks series by only using vinyl dubplates. Up until now, there is only one constant in the works of Brandt Bauer Frick: everything had to change with every album or publication. At Huxley’s, they will perform their new EP »Holy Nights« for the first time. But it probably won’t be the only thing they’ll perform. That much is certain.

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Metronomy DJ-Set / 21.45- 23.00

0:1 for Germany, 1:0 for pop music – that’s one way to sum up the summer of 2008. As Germany’s football team met their match in Spain, Joseph Mount was having the time of his life. Well, at least the very last enjoyable free summer in the life of the mastermind behind delicate Synth-Disco-Pop act Metronomy. MySpace was still a thing and a new rave scene exploded all over the UK. Then, only a bit later Metronomy’s acclaimed »Night Out« got released – Nu Rave turned Über-Pop and Mount was basically on the road all the time from now on. Two further masterpieces followed before the British gentleman returned with his fifth album »Summer 08«. He’s now »up for anything«, Mount states. Even for a few and exclusive DJ sets which he decided to showcase his music with this time. For Germany he picked Pop-Kultur and we’re quite happy about that. You probably are as well, right?

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