How to Pop-Kultur with … Patrick Siegfried Zimmer

Patrick Siegfried Zimmer
Patrick Siegfried Zimmer likes to describe himself as an interdisciplinary designer; a term that makes quite some sense when you talk about the filmmaker, director and songwriter from Hamburg. His latest film »ANHEDONIA: Narzissmus als Narkose« with Robert Stadlober and Dirk von Lotzow got that much attention that Mr. Zimmer is already working on a sequel. And he’s also planning a first full-length album under his real name for 2017, after already releasing a couple of records under his moniker “finn.”

Pop-Kultur can be indeed very happy to have Patrick Siegfried Zimmer on board for a new edition of “How to Pop-Kultur”. These are his recommendations for Wednesday, August 31.

»On Wednesday, I teleport at exactly 17.40 h, out of my private lodgings in Hamburg into the Prachtwerk, to attend the reading by Jon Savage, moderated by the equally interesting artist Phil Collins (when I was a child, I have to admit, I did like his singing namesake). Then I’ll take a quick breather and afterwards let My bubba stomp my feet. Thereafter, tipsy as I’ll probably be, I shall jump into the Heimathafen and listen expectantly to the compositions of Girls Names and Cat’s Eyes. Due to this intoxicating experience, I’ll float to the SchwuZ like a „Dandy im Nebel“, to steal the last backstage beers from my euphoric friends of Trümmer. Cin Cin.«


The entire program for the festival and the Wednesday as well as the timetable can be found right here. If you’re planning to compile the schedule of Patrick Siegfried Zimmer for yourself you can get a 10% discount with the help of the »Wahl-Abo«. Zimmer’s film  “ANHEDONIA” will be released on DVD and as Video on Demand this fall.