How to Pop-Kultur with … Michel Abdollahi

Foto: Tim Bruening
Photo: Tim Bruening

Performance artist, painter, journalist – Michel Abdollahi is many things but mostly a person full of surprises. His humorous and investigative reports clearly help to support the intercultural feeling in Germany. He’s putting his finger in the wounds of right-wring parties and fights those forces with irony. Since Pop-Kultur is packed with diversity in terms of the origins of our artists and their musical variety it makes total sense to have Michel Abdollahi on board for a new edition of “How To Pop-Kultur” right here.

Well, at first I wanted to see Phil Collins on Wednesday until I saw that it isn’t the singing frog from Genesis, but the British video artist. Now more than ever. After that, I’m going to relax with The Weather Station (I hope it will be very tender) and get drunk, to be strengthened for listening to Kathrin Weßling. I love listening to Kathrin. She is such a good storyteller. We have known each other for so long. I hope, she’ll be a little drunk too. Then sleep.

On Thursday it’s Selda Bağcan & Boom Pam, wild mix, gotta hear that. She reminds me of so many things. And I like that Anatolia and Israel meet on a musical basis. Friday is Heimathafen day. This time, with Algiers. Feels like delicate Brit-Pop, but comes from Atlanta. I hope it’s gonna rain. Then it’ll fit even better.

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